Affordable Dog Grooming in the Las Vegas Valley

High-quality, affordable dog grooming in Las Vegas, Henderson & Summerlin. Pamper your pet with an affordable bath, brush & nail clip. Home & airport pick-up provided.A-VIP Pet Resort offers affordable dog grooming to canine owners in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with the pets we care for and their owners. With decades of experience working with animals (and people!), we know what it takes to keep all healthy and happy.

Expert Dog Grooming

A-VIP Pet Resort offers several dog grooming packages. The Spa package starts at $45 and includes a bath, brush, nail trim and ear cleaning. Opt for just single services if you prefer. We’re happy to accommodate dogs of any breed and size.

Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning

Why Grooming Matters

Regular dog grooming is actually an important aspect of maintaining your pet’s health, as there are several hygiene tasks your furry friend simply can’t do for him or herself. Scheduling services with a professional ensures your dog is clean, pest-free, comfortable and happy. Also, our groomers can help identify potential health issues before they become bigger problems. Lumps, injuries, skin changes and more can be identified before they develop into serious conditions.

Prevent Fleas & Ticks
Eliminate Discomfort
Protect Feet & Joints
Avert Ear Infections

Other Services

Affordable Dog Grooming in the Las Vegas Valley

In addition to grooming, we offer a wide variety of other affordable services. Whether you’re preparing for a long vacation or are concerned about a particular negative behavior, our team will be happy to discuss your options. We’re here to help ensure your pet’s comfort, health and safety needs are met, and you can always count on us to treat our furry guests like our own family.

Dog & Cat Boarding
Luxury Suites
Exercise/Play Yards
Indoor/Outdoor Runs
Supervised Swim Time
Dog & Cat Daycare

Superior Dog Grooming in the Las Vegas Valley

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