Dog Boarding for Traveling to Las Vegas: 3 Expert Tips

dog boarding for traveling las vegas

Whether you’re a seasoned tourist or an inexperienced visitor who will be attending your first work-related conference out of town, traveling with your pet can be stressful. By taking these common-sense steps in advance, including making arrangements for dog boarding for traveling, you can feel more confident that you and your dog will have a great time vacationing together. 

Ask About Your Hotel’s Pet Policy

Some hotels welcome your dog and even offer small amenities for your pet, such as pet beds or water bowls for you to use while a guest. Request a copy of the pet policy in advance to minimize the risk of misunderstandings when you arrive to check-in, and your dog won’t be turned away because of size or breed. 

Bring Comfort Items from Home

Dogs who are traveling somewhere new with you may be a little anxious or have a hard time settling down with all of the new noises, smells and sounds they’ll experience. When you bring your pet’s favorite toy, blanket or another comfort item, it may give them a feeling of calm. 

Book a Reservation with a High-Quality Boarder

There will be times during your visit that you’ll be unable to bring your dog wherever you are going or it will be unwise for safety’s sake. Having a reliable source of care for your pet ensures you can still enjoy all the city has to offer, and your dog can, too. Boarders can typically care for your pet through daycare or overnight services tailored to your needs. 

Interested in Dog Boarding for Traveling While in Las Vegas?

A-VIP Pet Resort is the area’s premier provider of dog boarding for traveling. Our clients and their dogs and cats enjoy the highest standards of comfort throughout pets’ stay. As a purveyor of training, grooming and daycare services, too, you can be assured that your dog will look and feel their best while in our care. When you’re ready to see all that our region has to offer, contact us to make arrangements so your pet can have a great time, too. Contact us today to learn more about pricing and book your beloved pet’s reservation.

Las Vegas’ Best Dog Boarding for Traveling

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Find the Best Dog Trainer: What to Look for in Las Vegas

best dog trainer las vegas

As with any member of your family, chances are you and your pet sometimes have a rough day together. But if those days become more common, and your dog’s behavior has become a concern, finding the best dog trainer is a great way to address the issue. Finding someone qualified to help your dog learn ways to communicate with you isn’t always easy, so keep these tips in mind.


One thing that sets good pet professionals apart is training and education in working with animals. A qualified trainer assesses pets and asks questions of you to identify areas of concern and develop customized strategies to overcome them.

Welcomes Your Involvement

Whether you attend training sessions with your pet or allow the trainer to work one-on-one with your dog, a good animal professional will be glad to discuss your dog’s needs, behaviors and performance. You can also expect guidance and tips for continuing to practice important skills at home, such as following commands.

Comfortable Training Facility

A training area where your dog feels at ease lets them concentrate on learning. Look for a trainer who can offer your pet room to move freely and is safe for them to explore. Consider bringing your dog to a place where additional amenities, such as boarding or grooming are available so your pet doesn’t have to get used to someplace new, which can be stressful. 

Are You Searching for the Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas for Your Pet?

When you need the best dog trainer for your precious pet, A-VIP Pet Resort is proud to offer our service. We are led by a master dog training professional so you can be assured of the high level of care and instruction your pet will receive. Our focus is the comfort and care of your pets, from our grooming service to our daycare and boarding services, all with affordable pricing. Put your pet first, and contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your dog achieve your best relationship.

Best Dog Trainer for Improved Pet Behavior Serving Las Vegas

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3 Things to Ask Before You Book Pet Boarding Services Near Green Valley

pet boarding green valley

Even if you love to take your fur babies everywhere you go, there may be a time when you need to be away from home and they may not be able to join you. While you might have friends or family to take in your dog or cat, pet boarding services provide attentive and experienced care that meets your standards and your pet’s expectations. Here’s what you should ask when considering a boarding service.

What’s Required of Your Pet?

Be prepared to offer your pet’s vaccination records, which must be up to date. Ask if you can bring your pet’s favorite food, too, so there are no concerns about a dog or cat who won’t eat what’s offered or feel unwell if it’s not like their usual brand. You may also want to bring a comfort item from home.

What Kind of Amenities Are Offered?

Look for play areas and consider their size. Ask about grooming, training and pet spa experiences to pamper your dog while you’re away. Some pets prefer to be alone or with other pets from your household; ask about private and family pet accommodations.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

A team with training and experience that is dedicated to the care and comfort of your dog or cat gives you peace of mind. They will be attentive, caring and supportive in cases where your pet may feel anxious or homesick. Ask whether the pet care team is experienced and willing to administer medication, too, if your pet requires it.

Need a Green Valley Area Pet Boarding Service for Your Dog or Cat?

A-VIP Pet Resort is proud to be a leader among local pet care facilities. Our guests enjoy perks like radiant heat floors and spacious play areas along with lots of extra love and nurturing so they feel at ease when they’re away from home. We offer a full range of premium pet services, too, including training, grooming and daycare. When you need pet boarding for your precious pet, contact us to learn more about our clean, safe and welcoming environment for dogs and cats. 

Luxurious Pet Boarding Service for Dogs and Cats Near Green Valley

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How to Prepare for Your First Pet Boarding Experience Near Henderson

pet boarding henderson

If you’ve never been apart from your dog or cat for an extended period, the first pet boarding experience you plan may feel stressful. But rest assured, the professional team at your kennel has lots of experience in soothing anxious dogs and cats who are away from home for the first time. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you and your pet have a positive experience. 

Share Any Concerns with the Pet Care Team

When booking your dog or cat’s boarding reservation, share any concerns you have with the staff. Let them know if your cat tends to demonstrate anxious behavior or your dogs would benefit from family boarding. The pet care team will be able to provide you with good advice rooted in years of experience.

Let Your Pet Try Day Care First

If it’s possible, arrange for your dog to spend a day or two in dog day care well before your boarding reservation. Having a few hours to become familiar with the facility and the staff as well as understanding that you’ll come back for them is good practice for the planned overnight stay.

Provide Essential Information to Your Boarder

To provide the best care for your cat or dog, your boarder needs your pet’s complete vaccination records and any medications your pet has been prescribed by your vet. It’s also essential to leave your contact information or the contact information of a trusted friend or family member if you will be completely unreachable while you are away. While emergencies are quite uncommon, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing the staff can reach you if needed is valuable

Do You Need Pet Boarding Near Henderson?

A-VIP Pet Resort is dedicated to the highest standards of care for your precious cats and dogs. Our boarding, day care, grooming and training services are designed to offer comfort and compassion combined with insightful guidance and supervision. You can have confidence that your cat or dog will be in the good hands of an experienced team, so contact us today to learn more about our pet boarding services. 

Reliable Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats Near Henderson

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Grooming for a Dog Show in Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

grooming for a dog show las vegas

While your usual grooming routine might be just fine for every day, if you are planning on entering your pup in a dog show, building a relationship with a great groomer is essential. Grooming for a dog show is a little different than ordinary pet care, and finding a skilled groomer can be crucial to your dog’s success.

Show Dogs Require Special Care

Dog shows often have detailed standards to score well when it comes to your pet’s appearance and behavior. Choose an experienced groomer who understands how to showcase your dog’s best features to show dog standards. They must be comfortable with precision and detailed care, as well as patient with your pet, as show dog grooming can take longer than usual.

What Does Grooming Usually Include?

Your dog’s groomer will brush out your pet’s hair to remove tangled spots, dust and grime. The next step is to trim and buff your dog’s nails and clean their ears. Dogs get a bath plus oral care to clean and freshen teeth and gums. Finally, the groomer cuts and trims your dog’s hair. 

Book Regular Appointments

To avoid matted or too-long hair, make appointments with your groomer every 4-6 weeks. Schedule them around your pet’s show dates, and remember to provide updated pet vaccination records to ensure there are no delays in booking appointments. Typically, dogs get groomed the day before, with finishing touches the next morning. In addition, you’ll want to keep basic care tools on hand for last-minute fixes. 

Do You Need Assistance with Grooming for a Dog Show in Las Vegas?

A VIP Pet Resort offers expert grooming services. In addition to our luxury pet boarding facilities and dog daycare, our caring team trains and grooms dogs, too. We are passionate about pet care and dedicated to keeping your dogs and cats calm and comfortable as they socialize, learn, exercise and receive grooming services, even during longer grooming for a dog show, so contact us today for a consultation with one of our pet care professionals.

The Las Vegas Area’s Best Grooming for a Dog Show

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Have a Happier Pet with Expert Dog Training Near Green Valley

dog training green valley

If you recently adopted a new dog or perhaps you’ve been struggling with the behaviors of your much-loved family pet, dog training can be a life-saver. The benefits of obedience lessons can’t be understated–it’s good for your dog, and it’s good for you, too! Here’s what you need to know.

Improve the Relationship Between You and Your Dog

Training increases trust and supports good communication, making your relationship more rewarding for both of you. Learn how to resolve concerning behaviors through positive reinforcement and other skills to minimize destructive or unhealthy patterns.

Keep Your Dog Safer

A dog that’s been trained listens and responds appropriately to your directions, especially during potentially dangerous situations. Your pet will have greater confidence and is more likely to stay within the bounds of acceptable behavior during play, walks, grooming and boarding.

Have a Healthier Pet

When your dogs master your routine and know your expectations, they are less likely to feel stress and anxiety, especially during experiences like daycare. Obedience training also helps keep your dog mentally agile, emotionally engaged with you and socially well-adjusted.

Enroll Your Pet in Dog Training Near Green Valley

A-VIP Pet Resort’s trusted animal care professionals offer daycare, boarding and grooming for your dogs and daycare for your cats. Our spacious accommodations and opportunities for grooming and obedience training ensure your pet’s total comfort when you can’t be together. We offer plenty of playtime in a safe and welcoming environment where the health and wellness of your pet are the highest priority. Contact us today for dog training or to add obedience lessons to your boarding, dog daycare or grooming services.

Caring and Professional Dog Training for Your Pet Near Green Valley

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The Importance of Pet Diets and Food When Preparing for Daycare and Boarding Near Summerlin

pet’s diet Summerlin

If you’re planning to sign up your pup for dog daycare or boarding, you may be wondering whether you need to bring some of your pet’s regular food, too. There are several great reasons to pack dog food along with proof of immunizations and favorite toys and treats. Here’s why ensuring your pet’s diet is consistent is a win/win for your dog and their care provider.

Prevent Stomach Upset

Gastrointestinal distress can occur when a dog’s diet is changed unexpectedly. To avoid this discomfort for your pet, and the increased mess from vomiting or diarrhea, be sure to bring enough food for your pet’s anticipated stay.

Avoid Allergic Reactions

Ingredients in unknown pet foods can cause allergy symptoms. These will commonly show up as hives, scale or itching. If your pet is uncomfortable because of this, they may not behave as well as they usually do in daycare. This can be a big problem during grooming or training sessions.

Minimize Weight Concerns

Too many or too few calories over time will affect your pet, leaving them over- or underweight. Ensuring your pet’s diet stays regular over time, in consultation with your vet, is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Ready to Pack Your Pet’s Diet for a Daycare or Boarding Stay Near Summerlin?

A-VIP Pet Resort offers your dog or cat a caring and nurturing environment to play, eat, sleep and learn. Whether it’s for daycare or boarding needs, our highly trained team is dedicated to the comfort and wellness of your pets. Our services include grooming and training as well as private suites. Contact us today to learn more about how the consistency of your pet’s diet plays a big role in their well-being when away from home.

Ensuring Great Dog and Cat Care Through Pet’s Diet and Behavioral Needs Near Summerlin

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Pet Vaccination Records and Why We Need Them to Serve Green Valley Dogs

Happy dog running

As a caring pet parent, you want the best possible environment for your dog or cat. That’s why understanding and adhering to your kennel or pet daycare service policies on pet vaccination records is so important. There are many reasons why your pet care professional insists on these; here are just a few:

It’s the Law

Illnesses like rabies and distemper are serious and can be fatal to dogs, with few treatment options. To ensure the maximum safety of all animals in their care and the health of those who participate in their care, businesses that offer pet grooming and care services are typically required to ask for and retain your dog’s vaccination records.

Some Illnesses are Contagious to Your Dog

By requiring that all accepted pets are vaccinated against common canine illnesses like parvo or adenovirus, your pet care provider is protecting your dog from getting sick from exposure to another sick dog. An outbreak of illness can spread quickly, so preventive measures are the best defense your boarder has.

Recently Vaccinated Pets May Not Feel Well

Sometimes, your pet may experience tenderness at the site of their injection, which could make them feel irritable or cause them to react in a way that’s not typical when another animal gets too close or during training. By sharing immunization details, your pet’s caregiver can ensure your pet’s comfort and safety at all times.

Are You Searching for Quality Pet Care Near Green Valley That Requires Pet Vaccination Records?

A-VIP Pet Resort is dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional health and wellness of every pet in our care. From our boarding services to daycare, grooming and training services, your dog receives patient, attentive and loving care, with plenty of fresh cool water and lots of room to run around and play. When you need professional boarding and daycare for your pet, contact A-VIP Pet Resort and learn more about the many ways we care for your dog or cat, including required pet vaccination records.

Pet Vaccination Records Ensure Your Dog’s Health and Safety

Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, California, Utah & Arizona

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Alleviate Pet Separation Anxiety Near Henderson

Treatment of Pet Separation Anxiety Near Henderson

Even the most well-adjusted pets can experience signs of distress when left alone, especially if you’ve recently had a big change in routine, like returning to the office after working from home for a while. Common signs include barking, destructive behaviors, changes in grooming and a decrease in appetite. Here are some helpful hints to resolve pet separation anxiety for your dog or cat:

Provide Your Pet with Comfort Items

Like the college girlfriend who swipes her beloved’s sweatshirt, your pet may feel more secure having something that smells like you to snuggle with when you’re away and your pet will be home alone or boarded.

Avoid Disruptive Coming and Going

If you create a scene when coming home and leaving your house, your pet will, too. Instead, keep it cool and low-key. If you’re excitable, your pet may reflect that behavior back to you.

Seek Professional Help

An experienced pet behavior professional helps your pet develop coping skills for separation at home or in day care. Working with a professional offers reliable solutions.

Do You and Your Dog or Cat Need Help with Pet Separation Anxiety Near Henderson?

A-VIP Pet Resort not only offers boarding and grooming services but a wide range of assistance to promote optimal health for your dog or cat. Pet day care services include plenty of rest and relaxation as well as opportunities for socialization and play. Specialized training needs can also be addressed. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed by caring and experienced animal care professionals with decades of experience. Contact us today to learn more about how your pet can receive tender and loving care while you’re apart, including help managing pet separation anxiety.

Skillful Treatment of Pet Separation Anxiety for Henderson Area Dogs and Cats

Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, California, Utah & Arizona

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Could Your Pup Benefit from Dog Daycare Near Summerlin?

Dog Daycare Near Summerlin


Many people leave their pets at home while they go to work all day. For some dogs, that can be a stressful and lonely experience, resulting in separation anxiety and destructive behavior. If you’re struggling with wanting to provide for your dog and needing to go to work, enrolling them in dog daycare near Summerlin could be the perfect solution. Here’s why:

Better Manage Your Dog’s Stress

At doggie daycare, your pet will be offered a wide range of activities to prevent boredom and anxiety. From playtime to private time, walks and runs, and even opportunities for swimming, a pet daycare facility can help your dog find purpose through play and interaction with other pets. 

Increased Opportunities for Training

After a long day at work, spending time on pet training may be more arduous than you or your dog are ready to take on. When your pet is enrolled in dog daycare, training sessions can be included in your pet’s regular schedule of activities, making your time together as a family more meaningful and less stressful. 

A Safer Alternative

Even if you’ve totally pet-proofed your home, dogs are intelligent and curious creatures. It’s easy for them to find something interesting to get into, and when you’re gone for hours, they have a lot of time left to their own devices. Instead, spending the day at daycare ensures that your pet is properly supervised so they can have fun without getting into mischief. 

Interested in Dog Daycare Near Summerlin for Your Pet?

With A-VIP Pet Resort, you can have confidence in your pet’s well-being and safety. They’ll be under the care of a local owner and operator with decades of experience and passion for pet care, including grooming. Kurt Williams’ lifetime of interest in caring for and training dogs led him to open his own boarding and daycare facility, where dogs and cats get love and affection in a nurturing environment. Contact us today for a tour, and explore dog daycare package options for your beloved pet! 

Gentle and Caring Professional Dog Daycare Near Summerlin

Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, California, Utah & Arizona

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