Alleviate Pet Separation Anxiety in Henderson

Pet Separation Anxiety Henderson

Even the most well-adjusted pets can experience signs of distress when left alone, especially if you’ve recently had a big change in routine, like returning to the office after working from home for a while. Common signs include barking, destructive behaviors, changes in grooming and a decrease in appetite. Here are some helpful hints to resolve pet separation anxiety for your dog or cat.

Provide Your Pet with Comfort Items

Like the college girlfriend who swipes her beloved’s sweatshirt, your pet may feel more secure having something that smells like you to snuggle with when you’re away and your pet will be home alone or boarded.

Avoid Disruptive Coming and Going

If you create a scene when coming home and leaving your house, your pet will, too. Instead, keep it cool and low-key. If you’re excitable, your pet may reflect that behavior back to you.

Seek Professional Help

An experienced pet behavior professional helps your pet develop coping skills for separation at home or in day care. Working with a professional offers reliable solutions.

Do You and Your Dog or Cat Need Help with Pet Separation Anxiety Near Henderson?

A-VIP Pet Resort not only offers boarding and grooming services but a wide range of assistance to promote optimal health for your dog or cat. Pet day care services include plenty of rest and relaxation as well as opportunities for socialization and play. Specialized training needs can also be addressed. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed by caring and experienced animal care professionals with decades of experience. Contact us today to learn more about how your pet can receive tender and loving care while you’re apart, including help managing pet separation anxiety.

Skillful Treatment of Pet Separation Anxiety for Henderson Area Dogs and Cats

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