Pet Vaccination Records and Why We Need Them to Serve Green Valley Dogs

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As a caring pet parent, you want the best possible environment for your dog or cat. That’s why understanding and adhering to your kennel or pet daycare service policies on pet vaccination records is so important. There are many reasons why your pet care professional insists on these; here are just a few.

It’s the Law

Illnesses like rabies and distemper are serious and can be fatal to dogs, with few treatment options. To ensure the maximum safety of all animals in their care and the health of those who participate in their care, businesses that offer pet grooming and care services are typically required to ask for and retain your dog’s vaccination records.

Some Illnesses are Contagious to Your Dog

By requiring that all accepted pets are vaccinated against common canine illnesses like parvo or adenovirus, your pet care provider is protecting your dog from getting sick from exposure to another sick dog. An outbreak of illness can spread quickly, so preventive measures are the best defense your boarder has.

Recently Vaccinated Pets May Not Feel Well

Sometimes, your pet may experience tenderness at the site of their injection, which could make them feel irritable or cause them to react in a way that’s not typical when another animal gets too close or during training. By sharing immunization details, your pet’s caregiver can ensure your pet’s comfort and safety at all times.

Are You Searching for Quality Pet Care Near Green Valley That Requires Pet Vaccination Records?

A-VIP Pet Resort is dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional health and wellness of every pet in our care. From our boarding services to daycare, grooming and training services, your dog receives patient, attentive and loving care, with plenty of fresh cool water and lots of room to run around and play. When you need professional boarding and daycare for your pet, contact A-VIP Pet Resort and learn more about the many ways we care for your dog or cat, including required pet vaccination records.

Pet Vaccination Records Ensure Your Dog’s Health and Safety

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