Long-Term Boarding Near Summerlin: Your Questions Answered

long term boarding summerlin

As much as taking your dog with you on every trip away from home is your first choice, sometimes it’s not possible and boarding your pet is a great alternative to your hands-on care. If you’ve never signed up your dog for long-term boarding, you may have concerns. Get answers to some common questions here.

What Is Considered Long-Term?

Generally, any care arrangement of your pet by someone other than you for two weeks or longer is considered long-term. The daily care your pet requires doesn’t really change much between short- and long-term care. 

Will My Dog Forget Me?

It’s extremely unlikely that this could happen, although it’s natural for you to be concerned about your pet’s experience in a long-term care setting. One way to ease your anxiety, and reduce stress on your dog, is to introduce boarding on a short-term basis before you need long-term arrangements.

What Kind of Care Will My Dog Get?

Even though it won’t be as comfortable as home, you can feel confident that your pet will be well cared for if you choose an experienced boarder with a great reputation. Dogs generally get a chance to play, socialize with other pets and exercise every day. There is, of course, also plenty of praise and love from caregivers who love dogs and treat yours as well as their own.

Interested in Long-Term Boarding for Your Dogs?

A-VIP Pet Resort is the area’s best provider of long-term boarding if you need extended care for your pets. Our experienced team of pet care professionals believes that fresh air, free time and socialization are as important to your pet’s well-being as expert training, grooming and pet daycare. Our competitive pricing with military discounts and dedication to excellence means reservations book quickly so us contact today to learn more and reserve your dog’s place.

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