Why Choose Dog Boarding Over Hiring a Pet Sitter in Las Vegas

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As a pet owner, you always want what’s best for your dog. It may seem like hiring someone to come to your house or rental accommodations is convenient, there are some important reasons to choose dog boarding instead. Learn why this kind of short-term care solution could be ideal. 

Professional Care and Attention

Not every pet sitter comes to the job with formal training or experience in handling dogs and their needs. A business that is dedicated to serving dogs and their owners typically has high expectations for their employees, so you can feel confident that anyone taking care of your dog has the skills to do it right. 

Greater Convenience

A boarder may offer you additional services, too, beyond simply feeding and exercising your dog. When you add on grooming while you’re away, it’s one less thing to take care of when you get home. Keeping up with dog training ensures there’s no learning loss while you’re gone.

More Hours of Direct Care and Attention

Dogs left alone for too long can become anxious, which sometimes results in destructive behavior. A boarder makes it possible for your pet to receive more hours of care and guided activities to keep them from dwelling on your absence, like socializing and exercising. If your dog is too sad, a boarder can spot that quickly and take action right away.

Are You In Need of a Top-Rated Dog Boarding Service in Las Vegas?

A-VIP Pet Resort is the area’s best provider of short-term assistance if you need dog boarding for your pets. Our experienced team of pet care professionals believes that fresh air, free time and socialization are as important to your pet’s well-being as expert training, grooming and pet daycare. Our competitive pricing with military discounts and dedication to excellence means reservations book quickly so contact today to learn more and reserve your dog’s place.

Ensure Your Pet’s Comfort and Care While You’re Away with Quality Dog Boarding in Las Vegas

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Posted on February 28, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business