Boarding Dogs for Insurance Claims in Las Vegas: Why It’s Wise

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When your home is affected by a natural disaster, accident or even a crime like vandalism or burglary, you may need to have your insurance company representatives on-site to assess the damage for your claim. It’s a really stressful time, and boarding dogs can make the process easier. Here’s why.

Prevent Aggression

When people your dogs don’t know are in your home, they may become anxious or afraid, leading to aggression. Even if you are confident that your pets wouldn’t hurt anyone, it’s wise to avoid taking that chance and boarding your pets while insurance adjusters and contractors are in your house.

Allow Your Claims Adjuster and Contractors to Work Uninterrupted

A playful pet may be distracting to those who are managing your insurance claim. Dogs are also naturally curious and likely to interrupt the work getting done. This draws out the process and may lead to delays in handling your claim.

Keep Your Pet Out of Harm’s Way

Depending on the nature of your claim, it’s safer to board your dogs while the insurance claims are being resolved. Storms, floods, fires and other incidents can leave behind harmful substances like dust, ash and bacteria that could harm your dog’s health. Boarding keeps them safe and protected.

Do You Need Help Boarding Dogs While Dealing with Insurance Adjusters in Las Vegas?

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