Welcoming a Little One? See How Dog Boarding When You Have a New Baby in Las Vegas Helps Your Pet Adjust

dog boarding when you have a new baby las vegas

Expanding your family is always an exciting and dynamic time, and pets sometimes have a hard time with it. While your dog will likely become a lifelong friend of your child, there may be a few initial hiccups. Dog boarding when you have a new baby keeps your pet safe and out of the house during what may be a chaotic time at home. Here’s how your dog benefits.

Protection from a Parade of Well-Wishers

People flock to see a new addition to the family, and that constant stream of strangers in and out of your home may cause unhealthy levels of stress for your dog. By giving them a boarding experience for a few days, you protect them from feelings they may struggle with, such as fear or anxiety.

Avoid the Stress of an Unsettled Routine

Establishing a new routine with a new baby takes time, and the uncertainty can cause symptoms of anxiety in your dog. Rather than put your pet in a position where they feel like they’re competing for your attention, allow them the peace that comes with boarding in a caring and dedicated environment for a few days, until your new routines are in place.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

A new baby means you’ll have your hands full, and you’ll be exhausted. It’s easy to overlook your dog’s mealtime or walk. That extra responsibility may also leave you frazzled and feeling unable to cope in those first postpartum days. Give your dog a vacation through boarding! They’ll be well-cared for so you can concentrate on taking care of your infant and yourself. 

Local Dog Expert Offering Dog Boarding When You Have a New Baby in Las Vegas

A-VIP Pet Resort is the area’s best provider of short-term assistance if you need dog boarding when you have a new baby at home, and we welcome the pets of local residents and visitors, too. Our experienced team of pet care professionals believes that fresh air, free time and socialization are as important to your pet’s well-being as expert training, grooming and pet daycare. Our competitive pricing and dedication to excellence mean reservations book quickly so contact us today.

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