Boarding for Moving: Why It’s Best for Your Dog in Las Vegas

boarding for moving las vegas

Moving house is stressful even under the best of circumstances, and no one in your family may experience that more keenly than your dog. Your pet may quickly understand that something is up and that things are changing but not why, when or how–and that can create a perfect storm of trouble for your dog. Learn more about why pet boarding for moving day makes sense.

Keep Them Safe

As people are in and out of your house, there are likely to be times that the doors are left open, which could create an opportunity for your dog to run away. At the same time, movers will be carrying furniture and boxes, and if your dog gets underfoot, he could be seriously hurt. Boarding keeps your animals out of harm’s way.

Minimize Their Anxiety

Strangers in their house can increase your dogs’ stress level and anxiety. Your dogs may then behave in unusual ways, such as with aggression or accidents. Boarding your pet can eliminate that source of stress and keep them healthier throughout the moving process. 

Reduce Your Anxiety

Worrying about how your dogs are going to handle moving day can distract you from the important tasks you need to take care of with the movers, your landlord or your Realtor. If you know your dog is being safely cared for by professionals who will provide a consistently high level of care, you can concentrate on the little details that will ensure a smooth moving experience. 

Do You Need Pet Boarding for Moving Assistance in Las Vegas?

A-VIP Pet Resort is the area’s best provider of short-term boarding, and we welcome the pets of local residents and visitors, too. Our experienced team of pet care professionals believes that fresh air, free time and socialization are as important to your pet’s well-being as expert training, grooming and pet daycare services. Our pet boarding for moving services offer competitive pricing, and spots fill up fast so contact us today to tour our state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to your pup’s comfort.

Caring and Professional Pet Boarding for Moving Families in Las Vegas

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