How to Prepare for Your First Pet Boarding Experience Near Henderson

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If you’ve never been apart from your dog or cat for an extended period, the first pet boarding experience you plan may feel stressful. But rest assured, the professional team at your kennel has lots of experience in soothing anxious dogs and cats who are away from home for the first time. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you and your pet have a positive experience. 

Share Any Concerns with the Pet Care Team

When booking your dog or cat’s boarding reservation, share any concerns you have with the staff. Let them know if your cat tends to demonstrate anxious behavior or your dogs would benefit from family boarding. The pet care team will be able to provide you with good advice rooted in years of experience.

Let Your Pet Try Day Care First

If it’s possible, arrange for your dog to spend a day or two in dog day care well before your boarding reservation. Having a few hours to become familiar with the facility and the staff as well as understanding that you’ll come back for them is good practice for the planned overnight stay.

Provide Essential Information to Your Boarder

To provide the best care for your cat or dog, your boarder needs your pet’s complete vaccination records and any medications your pet has been prescribed by your vet. It’s also essential to leave your contact information or the contact information of a trusted friend or family member if you will be completely unreachable while you are away. While emergencies are quite uncommon, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing the staff can reach you if needed is valuable

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