Grooming for a Dog Show in Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

grooming for a dog show las vegas

While your usual grooming routine might be just fine for every day, if you are planning on entering your pup in a dog show, building a relationship with a great groomer is essential. Grooming for a dog show is a little different than ordinary pet care, and finding a skilled groomer can be crucial to your dog’s success.

Show Dogs Require Special Care

Dog shows often have detailed standards to score well when it comes to your pet’s appearance and behavior. Choose an experienced groomer who understands how to showcase your dog’s best features to show dog standards. They must be comfortable with precision and detailed care, as well as patient with your pet, as show dog grooming can take longer than usual.

What Does Grooming Usually Include?

Your dog’s groomer will brush out your pet’s hair to remove tangled spots, dust and grime. The next step is to trim and buff your dog’s nails and clean their ears. Dogs get a bath plus oral care to clean and freshen teeth and gums. Finally, the groomer cuts and trims your dog’s hair. 

Book Regular Appointments

To avoid matted or too-long hair, make appointments with your groomer every 4-6 weeks. Schedule them around your pet’s show dates, and remember to provide updated pet vaccination records to ensure there are no delays in booking appointments. Typically, dogs get groomed the day before, with finishing touches the next morning. In addition, you’ll want to keep basic care tools on hand for last-minute fixes. 

Do You Need Assistance with Grooming for a Dog Show in Las Vegas?

A VIP Pet Resort offers expert grooming services. In addition to our luxury pet boarding facilities and dog daycare, our caring team trains and grooms dogs, too. We are passionate about pet care and dedicated to keeping your dogs and cats calm and comfortable as they socialize, learn, exercise and receive grooming services, even during longer grooming for a dog show, so contact us today for a consultation with one of our pet care professionals.

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